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The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

I know it takes me so long to finish this book merely because it's thick and I'm very busy lately on other stuffs (work & other requirements). I'm just too tired to read, I miss reading and catching up with new releases and all sorts of bookish stuffs.

Let's see.

The Evolution of Mara Dyer is indeed better than the first installment. This book has lots of surprises. Every chapter of this book leaves me speechless and just make me want to scream "How the fuck did that happen?! What the hell?!!" (Sorry for the words. I easily get carried away on what I'm reading.) as well as make you think of possibilities.

The story is unpredictable, twisted, creepy and mind-blowing. I love how Michelle Hodkin wrote such kind of YA Mystery/Thriller- Paranormal novel. I know should have read this earlier but I patiently waited for The Retribution of Mara Dyer so it won't be a cliffhanger.

Mara Dyer is one sick,twisted character. I do love her character but sometimes I don't get her. Noah Shaw, gosh. This guy is PERFECTION. I'm absolutely love him to bits.His sweetness, wits and sense of humor, uggh. Where can I find him? He is a motivator and a guy with full of self-control.

My favorite supporting characters are probably Jamie Rothand Daniel Dyer these two are both hilarious in different ways. But I'm more of a fan of Jamie. The dude just made me Laugh-out-Loud! Crazy man.

Overall, I love this book and I'm excited for the final book. Michelle Hodkin is awesome! (and beautiful by the way. ;) She is one of the sweetest authors I've ever met.) However, there are some points that are unclear to me.. Hopefully the answers will be revealed on the last book.

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